About us

Convez is the exclusive distributor of the constructive synthetic fibres of the Swiss company Contec Fiber AG for the Benelux, Ireland and the Caribbean. Basically we distinguish fibres for early shrinkage reduction and constructive synthetic fibres. Our team has experience with concrete technology and fibre-reinforced concrete.

Contec Fiber AG is the producer of the constructive synthetic fibres. They have been active in the field of fibre technology and its application in concrete for more than 35 years. Contec Fiber AG is active worldwide.

Advice & Support

Convez guides projects from start to finish. A personal approach is key for us. The application of constructive synthetic fibres influences the process. That’s why we visit the concrete plant and project site to provide guidance where necessary. Together, we ensure that the project is a success. We are happy to offer an economical and technical alternative to traditional reinforcement and steel fibres.

Static calculations

For all concrete products and project, Convez can provide static calculations based on the most recent standard, at no cost. These calculations show that steel reinforcement (fibres) can be partly or fully replaced by one of our types of constructive synthetic fibres. If it concerns a hybrid solution, this is also indicated.

The Team

Dr. Marc Witbreuk

Algemeen Directeur

Leo Hoogzand

Commercieel Directeur