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Synthetic fibre reinforcement vs steel reinforcement

About Convez

Convez is an independent company belonging to the Scholz Group (Scholz Benelux) and supplier of synthetic fibres (the only ones with a CE-mark!) and concrete technological support.

Synthetic fibres are of the following types:

  • Fibrofor®fibers (Multi, High Grade en Diamond)
  • Concrix®fibers (ES en HS35)

There are many application areas for synthetic fibres in concrete. Think of floorings, precast elements, infrastructure, industrial floorings, busterminals, stables, agricultural roads, outdoor, harbor quays etcetera.

CONVEZ is the exclusive distributor of the Contec Fiber AG synthetic fibers for the Benelux, Great Britain, Ireland and Canada.

Brugg Contec (Brugg Contec) is part of the Brugg Group (Brugg Group), a worldwide active company, including 20 companies. Brugg produces, among other things, power and telecommunications cables, cables for cranes and cableways, pipes for transport of hazardous substances and nets for avalanches and stone chippings. The Brugg group employs approximately 2000 people. The core competence of Brugg Contec is the production of synthetic fibers. For over 30 years, Brugg Contec is active in the field of plastic fiber technology and the application of synthetic fibers in the concrete.

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Saving on reinforcement means cost reduction

Our high-performance fiber Fibrofor High Grade comprises more than 30 years of development and know-how.

The reasons for its outstanding quality are premium-quality raw-materials, the sophisticated production process, the exact fibrillation (which is important for the fast and even distribution in the concrete during the mixing process) and the specially treated surface responsible for the anchorage in the concrete.

Because of all these features 1 kg of Fibrofor High Grade per m3 concrete is able to replace between 20 and 25 kg of steelfibers or up to 40 kg of conventional steel reinforcement.

Based on a project-specific static calculation according to latest standards (Eurocode) our engineers determine whether the steel can be replaced completely or if not how much can be replaced.

Name: Fibrofor Multi 63 Fibrofor High Grade 190 Fibrofor Diamond 38
Specie: Monofil microfibre Fibrillated microfibre Monofil macrofibre
Min. Dosage (kg/m3): 0.9 1.0 1.0
Tensile strength (N/mm2): > 300 400 > 400
Modulus of elasticity (N/mm2): 4.000 4.900 9.500
Length (mm): 6 19 38

Capability per field of application:

Tensile strength optimalisation 0 ++ ++
Rupturebehavior optimalisation 0 + ++
Shrinkage minimalisation +++ ++ +

Specifications Fibrofor

Highest strengths including flexural strength

In cooperation with the EMPA Brugg Contec has developed the unique bicomponent, embossed synthetic Macrofiber Concrix. The high E-modulus of the core guarantees the highest strength and the special, structured shell ensures excellent anchoring in the concrete.

Concrix is used as primary reinforcement and increases the impact resistance of the concrete. The way the fibers are delivered (as bundles) guarantees a fast, three dimensional even distribution in the concrete during the mixing process and avoids fiber balls. In addition extensive tests prove the resistance of Concrix against aggressive waters and creeping (long term tested for more than 4 years)!

Based on project-specific data our engineers prepare a static calculation according to latest standards (Eurocode).

Name: Concrix HS 35 Concrix ES 50
Specie: Bi-component macrofibre Bi-component macrofibre
Min. Dosage (kg/m3): 2.5 2.5
Tensile strength (N/mm2): 600 - 625 (best of its kind) 600 - 625 (best of its kind)
Modulus of elasticity (N/mm2): > 11.000 (best of its kind) > 11.000 (best of its kind)
Length (mm): 35 50

Capability per field of application:

Tensile strength optimalisation +++ +++
Rupturebehavior optimalisation +++ +++
Shrinkage minimalisation + +

Specifications Concrix


External hardening


Industrial floors



Precast elements


Secondary road Hoogeveen

In Hoogeveen (NL) successfully a secondary road has been reinforced using synthetic fibres (Concrix ES).

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Precast stairs

Both in Belgium and in the Netherlands several precasters started to use synthetic fibres (Concrix ES) to reinforce their stairs.

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A farmyard (1500 m2) has been reinforced. The flooring company used synthetic fibres (High Grade).

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Floor poultry farm

In Lunteren (NL) a new poultry farm has been built. To reinforce the floor (2500 m2) Fibrofor High Grade® has been used.

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Factory hall Fatzer AG

In the new Fatzer factory, a manufacturer of steel cables for lifts and cable cars, a concrete floor was laid with the use of structural synthetic fibers.

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LEGO factory

Constructive synthetic fibers are used to reinforce an industrial floor in LEGO's giant new production hall.

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Boxenstraat Hungaroring (Racecircuit) renewed and reinforced with structural synthetic fibers.

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Architizer A+ Award

Synthetic fiber-reinforced outdoor furniture wins architectural prize.

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Besiktas Stadion

Partly because the progress was greatly behind schedule, structural synthetic fibers were chosen to reinforce the flooring and plates of Besiktas Stadium.

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Traffic infrastructure & roundabouts

It's only a matter of time and crossroads, roundabouts and other infrastruc- tures that are constructed with asphalt deal with deformation. This can be counteracted by using constructive synthetic fibers.

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Precast facade elements

Design element for a facade, produced with white concrete and structural synthetic fibers.

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Station square

Renovation of the station square in Sankt Gallen using structural synthetic fibers.

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Harbor quay

The port was built on posts and the calculation had to take into account a special vehicle with a point load of 31 tons.

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Tram foundation

The foundation for the tram in Budapest must be able to handle high and dynamic stress, as severe winters, salt and hot summers. In order to ensure a long life, therefore, high durability reinforcement was required.

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Eurobus busterminal

The considerable shortening of building time and lower costs were good reasons for Eurobus to choose constructive synthetic fibers.

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Agricultural roads

The taxation of agricultural roads is often high. The traditional reinforcement with steel mats can not prevent these roads from simply breaking apart. The use of structural synthetic fiber extends the life of these roads considerably.

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Precast traffic block element

Precast elements between the rails allow rescue vehicles driving into the railway tunnel in case of an emergency.

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Durability test

Synthetic reinforcement fibers tested for lifespan.

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Cycle paths

Cycle paths may be reinforced using synthetic fibres. Main reasons are to reduce costs, to improve sustainability and to simplify construction.

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Housing: foundation

On Bonaire (NL) the foundation of several houses has been reinforced using synthetic fibres from Convez (Concrix ES). Why? Costreduction, timesavings and improvement of the CO2-footprint.

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